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The future of the technopedagogical designer: social agent of change in online education

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The present research essay answers the following question: What is the future of the technopedagogical designer? The hypothesis maintains that the future is related to being a social actor that deepens the articulation of pedagogy, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the socio-educational approach in online education. So, the objective is to make a conceptual approach of the technopedagogical designer and its correspondence with the current context for the light understanding of the future role through a systematic review in Google Scholar and the databases, Scopus and Web of Science (WOS). In conclusion, the technopedagogical designer is an agent of social change that integrates pedagogy and ICT in the design, implementation and evaluation of training processes. In turn, the set of functions and competencies that he or she assumes to correspond to social needs present several challenges and evolutions, mainly arguing that the future of the professional is focused on the integration of open educational practices to solve social problems, contributing to quality online education in the 21st century.

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Elvis Ortega-Ochoa

Elvis Ortega-Ochoa

Researcher in eLearning

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