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Sistema dialógico del Agente Conversacional Pedagógico para la tutoría en el desarrollo de proyectos de investigación educativa

Pedagogical Conversational Agent’s dialogue system for mentoring in the development of educational research projects: a mixed methods study

Abstract Some countries have difficulties in responding in a personalized way to a growing learner base, given that, on average, the student to teacher ratio is thirteen to one. Practice and theoretical review indicate that there is a lack of analysis in e-learning of the conversational flow of the Pedagogical

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Asesoramiento en el diagnóstico institucional del estado de las Competencias Digitales Docente

Counselling in the institutional diagnosis of the state of the Teaching Digital Competences: Case of the Amazonas Millennium Educational Unit, academic year 2020 – 2021

Abstract In an environment mediated by Information and Communication Technologies due to the pandemic (COVID-19), it is necessary the Educational Counselling (EC) in the institutional diagnosis of the professional training needs (D1.C2.GE4) of the Teaching Digital Competences (TDC). Considering that the Amazonas Millennium Educational Unit did not have this diagnosis,

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Research Groups

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Transdisciplinarity, education and society – TRENDS

Transdisciplinarity, education and society – TRENDS Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on email Share on google Period: December 2018 – present. Duration: not estimated. Area of study: Governance, educational policies and good living. Center: National University of Education – UNAE, publicly owned.

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