Elvis Gerardo Ortega Ochoa - Docente investigador - elvisortegaec

Elvis Gerardo Ortega Ochoa

Research teacher of the 21st century


Master’s Degree in Education and ICT, Specialist in Quality Management in Education and BSc. in Basic Education.


Research teacher, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of MED3 Educational Solutions. Former tutor at the National University of Education.


Speaker in conferences, seminars and webinars related to the field of education and ICT. Scientific advances have been published in books and international journals.


  • Study period: September 2020 – February 2022.
  • Level: Fourth Level. Area: Education and ICT.
  • Center: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), publicly owned.
  • Country/City: Spain – Barcelona.
  • Comments: Grant holder of the UOC-SEGIB agreement.
  • Study period: April 2020 – May 2021.
  • Level: Fourth Level. Area: Educational management.
  • Center: National University of Education (UNAE), of public ownership.
  • Country/Province: Ecuador – Cañar.
  • Study period: September 2011 – July 2014
  • Level: High School. Area: Computer Science.
  • Center: Educational Unit Remigio Romero y Cordero, of public ownership.
  • Country/Province: Ecuador – Azuay.


  • Period: March 2017 – present.
  • Country: Ecuador.
  • Functional area: administration, teaching and research.
  • Functions: elaboration, planning and evaluation of actions oriented to provide particular classes, academic reinforcement, tutorial action and accomplishment of tasks in all the educational levels in a presential, semi-presential and virtual way.
  • Period: a. November 2019 – March 2020. b. July – December 2020. c. May – October 2021
  • Country: Ecuador.
  • Functional area: teaching and research.
  • Functions: support to the activities performed by the academic staff, tutoring of pre-professional practices, direction of practical and laboratory learning, under the coordination of a professor, other management activities carried out with the ordinary academic processes of the institution and other activities defined by the immediate supervisor.
  • Period: August 2019 – October 2019.
  • Country: Ecuador.
  • Functional area: training and education.
  • Functions: tutor and teacher of Mathematics of basic superior and high school.
  • Period: April 2018 – June 2019.
  • Country: Ecuador.
  • Functional area: training and education.
  • Functions: help, accompaniment and experimentation of the Pre-professional Practice.
  • Period: April 2015 – April 2015.
  • Country: Ecuador.
  • Functional area: training and education.
  • Functions: training of new high school students to take the Ser Bachiller exam.


  • Date of the event: March 2021.
  • Area: Education and ICT.
  • Center: Coach Group Ecuador.
  • Country/City: Ecuador – Loja.
  • Date of the event: May 2020.
  • Area: Pedagogy.
  • Center: Training Center Soluciones Educativas MED3.
  • Country/City: Ecuador – Francisco de Orellana.