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Video review: “Digital Society” by Genis Roca

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Catosfera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In her speech, Genis Roca states that the transformation that has been taking place throughout history with the emergence of digital technology has led to a digital society. A technology is relevant when that technology influences every area of society, during history there have been few relevant technologies, examples of these technologies are: the domestication of animals, industrialization, electricity and then appears a disjunctive technology, which is digital technology.

Throughout history, society has changed according to the digital technology that has been appearing progressively in each era. At the beginning of 1900 the technology was almost null, the social interaction that took place at that time was in the traditional festivals of the city that were not many. Then, in the 70’s television appeared, and a few years later several digital pages were created on the web where any citizen could publish a blog. This is one of many examples that digital technology has allowed all this change to influence each individual.

The digitalization also causes changes in the productive system. The industries change the analog for the digital, therefore, the users have to use the digital, this substitution applies to all the productive systems that exist causing that all their services are offered in a digital way, in addition it causes a transformation in the model of business.

Professionals are also affected by the emergence of digital technology because they will have to develop new competencies based on digital skills. A professional will have to research new topics, analyze the competition, marketing techniques, etc., all this through the network using the available technology. Therefore, future professionals will have to be connected and informed at all times in the network.

All these points described above will cause changes in society, such as identity, belonging, participation and ownership. The way of life, ways of interacting with friends, co-workers and family are changing, but it is still starting, in the coming years will increase greatly.

The exhibitor uses a diverse form of dissertation, uses jokes, own experiences, presents an appropriate structure of development of the exhibition with progressive themes that are connected to each other to bring to the main theme in which is the digital society. In addition, it has fluidity of speech, good scenic development and most importantly creates a link with the audience through raising an interesting topic.

In my opinion I agree with the transformation that has been taking place over the years in terms of digital technology and its repercussions on society. Thanks to digital technology, new forms of communication, teaching, learning, interaction with others, ways of performing activities, etc. have been created. Society benefits from digital technology obviously if it is used in the right way, because like every new resource it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Elvis Ortega-Ochoa

Elvis Ortega-Ochoa

Researcher in eLearning

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