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Pedagogical Conversational Agent’s dialogue system for mentoring in the development of educational research projects: a mixed methods study

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Some countries have difficulties in responding in a personalized way to a growing learner base, given that, on average, the student to teacher ratio is thirteen to one. Practice and theoretical review indicate that there is a lack of analysis in e-learning of the conversational flow of the Pedagogical Conversational Agent (educational chatbot) for tutoring in the general advancement of projects and in particular educational research projects. Therefore, the objective was to analyze their dialogue systems for tutoring in the development of the Knowledge Integration Project of the National University of Education of Ecuador. The population was the student body of the Basic Distance Education Career, academic period Semester I – 2021 (N = 1,124) and the sample consisted of 287 participants with a confidence level of 95 % and an estimated sampling error of 5 %, who were chosen by probability sampling by clusters. The method was mixed light of convergent design, variant of the questionnaire (survey) of descriptive, cross-sectional, empirical scope and descriptive statistics and content analysis were used to treat the variable from the pragmatic paradigm. The results were the analysis of the scientific progress of agents in education; the determination of student preferences; and the generation of proposals, i.e., techno-pedagogical co-design, according to the meta-inferences on the agent interface and the algorithm of its conversational strategy. In conclusion, it responds to the research problems that arose in the literature and required future studies; it contributes to the promotion of adaptive learning in higher education; and it is framed in one of the emerging trends and practices, adaptive technology, transversing several disciplines such as pedagogy, technology, and engineering.

Publication date: December 2021.

Description: Master’s thesis, O2 Repository of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)


How to cite (APA Seventh edition):

Ortega-Ochoa, E. G. (2021). Sistema dialógico del Agente Conversacional Pedagógico para la tutoría en el desarrollo de proyectos de investigación educativa: estudio de métodos mixtos [Master’s thesis, Open University of Catalonia]. O2 Repository of the Open University of Catalonia.

Elvis Ortega-Ochoa

Elvis Ortega-Ochoa

Researcher in eLearning

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