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Terms and conditions

This page describes the terms and conditions of the website (hereinafter “WEBSITE”), which is owned by Elvis Ortega-Ochoa (hereinafter “HOLDER”). By visiting and using this WEB SITE, the visitor or user (hereinafter “USER”) accepts these terms and conditions in their entirety. The information in these terms and conditions is subject to change at any time and the USER is advised to visit this page constantly.

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Access to the CONTENT of the WEBSITE by persons under 13 years of age is not permitted. If the USER is under 13 years of age, he/she must have the consent of his/her parents or adult guardians.

The following activities are prohibited

  • Attempts to hack, insert viruses or computer attacks of any kind directed at the server or the WEBSITE.
  • Providing false personal information or information belonging to people other than the USER who sent it.

Money back policy

THE HOLDER of the WEBSITE offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the purchase of its products and services or money back. In other words, the USER, after purchasing any product or service, if for any reason he is not satisfied with his purchase, has the right to request a full refund.

The HOLDER of the WEBSITE will make the refund provided that the request is made during the first 7 days after purchase, the products purchased are returned in perfect condition or access to the respective services is revoked, and that the payment has not been in cash (only refunds will be made for payments made online).

Copyright and intellectual property

Users can mix, transform and create from the content of our publication even for commercial purposes. Any work derived from the original publication must be distributed under the same CC-BY-SA license. The HOLDER must be clearly identified as the owner of the copyright of the original publication.

Access and availability of the WEBSITE

For reasons of force majeure or external factors, access and availability of the WEBSITE may be suspended for any period of time and the HOLDER shall not be liable for any damage or direct or indirect result that this may cause to the USER. While the WEBSITE will be available most of the time, there is no guarantee of 100% availability and at any time, if the HOLDER decides, the WEBSITE may cease to function or be available to the public.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

The HOLDER is committed to good practices in the collection, use and protection of personal data of its USERS. The privacy policy and cookies of the WEBSITE can be seen in detail at the following page: